Simple Meditation for Making Decisions


Image by Rachel Dowda

Simple Meditation for Making Decisions

by Courtney Somer

Having trouble making a decision? This is a simple Kundalini Yoga meditation to help to build your inner knowingness and help make decisions easily. If you are having trouble making a choice, sit and do this meditation for 3 minutes a day for 7 days in a row.

Sit in easy pose with legs crossed, spine straight and chest lifted. Sit on a meditation pillow if it is easier on your back. Another alternative is to sit in a chair, feet firmly planted on the ground.

Bring your hands into prayer pose at the center of your chest then slide the left hand up until the entire palm is higher then the right. Your right palm will be touching the left just below the wrist.

Breath deeply, and as long and slow as possible. On the inhale silently to yourself say “Sat” and on the exhale “Nam.”┬áThe mantra Sat Nam connects you to the truth that is within you, chanting this gives you your destiny and balances the 5 elements of the body (tattvas).

Start with 3 minutes a day, and afterwards sit for another 1-2 minutes and focus on the things you would like to decide on.