Simple Yoga Mudras to Evoke Change, Clarity or Manifestation


Simple Yoga Mudras to Evoke Change, Clarity or Manifestation

by Courtney Somer

The hands are seen as magic wands in the body, and the bridge between heaven and earth. They have both the power of creation and the ability to manifest. Each area of the hand corresponds to different emotions and behaviors and are a map of energy of our health and consciousness.

Mudras are symbolic gestures that are usually done with the hands and can be paired with breathing techniques in yoga to awaken different aspects and parts of the self. These seals or locks, as they are often described, direct energy flow and reflexes to the brain.

Each finger is related to a planetary energy and the thumb relates to the individual persona. Touching the thumb (the fleshy part, not the nail), to each fingertip evokes something different. There should be some pressure for energy to flow but not too much where the fingertips whiten.There are passive and active parts to each mudra. The passive seal is when the thumb is used to touch the fleshy part of the finger. The active seal is when the thumb touches the nail of the finger. Passive mudras are mostly used in meditations, but active can be used in daily routine.

Here is a guide to understanding mudras and what they evoke. They are quite simple and can be used daily.

Gian Mudra is the seal of knowledge (index finger & thumb). The index finger is associated with Jupiter, which is linked to expansion and prosperity.  It evokes the most expansive version of the self, so you can flow through your life lessons with ease and calm. This is a good to do when speaking to someone so you come from your highest self. It stimulates wisdom and knowledge.

Shuni Mudra is the seal of patience (middle finger & thumb). This finger corresponds with Saturn, the taskmaster, overseer of responsibility and that which governs karma. It sets up lessons to go through so you can grow, and allows you to step up to your destiny. Using this mudra helps with patience and commitment.

Surya Mudra is the energy which gives life and activates your light from within (ring finger & thumb). This finger is associated with the Sun (energy and vitality), and Uranus (intuition, strength and change). This is a good mudra to boost health and strength, it activates your internal light. The active form of this mudra can bring about radical change or breakthroughs, a good one to use if stuck creatively or otherwise.

Buddhi Mudra is the seal of mental clarity and communication (pinky & thumb), associated with the planet Mercury. This affects the ability to speak your truth, understand clearly and to be able to relate to another person. It also helps you connect with the words you want to say, allowing more intuition and a clearer mind. The active form of this mudra increases psychic and intuitive abilities.

Prayer pose This neutral foundation is a position used regularly in yoga. To do it correctly, hands should be together in prayer, palms flat and elbows out to the side at straight angles. Thumbs should touch your sternum. This position serves to balance the left and right brains or masculine and feminine polarities that reside within, the right side being more active, the one that manifests and the left being more receptive. If you are experiencing depression, massaging the heart center with the thumbs while in prayer pose can help this. This heart center is connected to the pituitary gland at the crown of the head.

Golden Triangle  is the index and middle finger pointing outward and the thumb at their base. This is a great mudra for breakthroughs and manifesting quickly. As one of our Kundalini trainers taught us, good for hailing taxis!