Meditation For A Calm Heart


Photo by Penney Leyshon



Meditation For A Calm Heart

by Courtney Somer

This is a great meditation for beginners and can be done for as short as 3 minutes with a positive effect. If you are troubled in a relationship or with your job, sit in this meditation before you act. You will then act with a a calm, clear perspective and from your heart.

It clears your perception in relationships with yourself and others.This meditation will also give you an awareness of your breath and strengthen the lungs and heart, which are the home of the prana or subtle life force.


Sit in a confortable seated position or easy pose with the eyes closed. Place the left hand at the heart center (center of the chest). The hand should be flat against the chest, fingers parallel to the ground and pointing towards the right. Make Gian Mudra with the right hand, which is the tip of the index and thumb touching and the other 3 fingers pointing straight up. The palm of the right hand faces forward with the elbow of the right arm relaxed near your side.


Inhale through the nose slowly and deeply, then exhale completely. When the breath is out, hold the breath here for as long as you are able. Do not hold it until you are uncomfortable, there should be no gasping or strain. Then inhale again. Concentrate on the flow of the breath through the cycle.

The left hand at the center of the chest creates a stillness in the heart and the right hand which throws you into analysis and action is placed in a peaceful, relaxed position. This entire posture evokes the feeling of calmness and serenity.

Start with 3 minutes and build up to 7 or 11 minutes.