Healthy Habits with Gabrielle Bernstein

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits with Gabrielle Bernstein

by Courtney Somer

We took a peak inside the daily healthy habits of Eyla’s dear friend Gabrielle Bernstein. If you don’t know Gabby, you should. She was recently featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday as a next generation thought leader, is the New York Times Best selling author of May Cause Miracles, and brings light and love to her many speaking engagements, classes and lectures. Gabby and I recently experienced the Kundalini Yoga teacher training together and she now incorporates these techniques into her international quest to empower and inspire women. 

1. What practices or habits do you incorporate into your daily routine to promote health & well-being? 

First thing, I always pray when I wake up and do a few yoga stretches to wake up the body. The prayer is “where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?” This is from A Course in Miracles.

Since I’ve kicked my coffee habit (!), I stick to a daily green juice from Ginger Snap to Go and drink a cup of Yerba mate tea. I also take Dr. Lipman’s Daily Dose Supplements. I tend to lean vegan, although I’m not a full vegan, but mostly eat farm to table food.

I love taking baths with bath salts and a candle, I try to do it a few times a day. It’s a great way for me to de-stress. I also use a dry brush on my body, brushing upwards towards the heart. This helps with the lympahtic system which clears toxins from your cells and supports overall immunity. Brushing in this direction encourages the return of blood flow and supports the lymph system.

Work-wise, I manage my own schedule, and while it can be hectic, I like to know what I’m doing each day and can plan accordingly. I’m in the midst of writing my next book, and when engaged in this process I find it important to set concrete, daily goals for myself. For example, I currently write a minimum of 400 words per day to stay on track with meeting deadlines.

Around 4pm is the time of day that I could use some re-energizing. Instead of reaching for caffeine, I use this opportunity to do my Sadhana, or daily practice. I do a combination of Kundalini yoga and a meditation for about 30-60 minutes depending on my schedule.

I eat my biggest meal between 5-7pm, and no longer eat anything after 7pm which is great for digestion and a good nights sleep.

At night, I love to moisturize like crazy! I use mostly RMS Beauty products and I sneak in some Armani foundation from time to time.

2. What would you recommend as the most important habit for people to incorporate into their daily routine? 

Meditation is so important, even if it is for 1-3 minutes a day. It helps to create space mentally, de-stress and focus.This simple act will change your life! I use a variety of mediations and techniques, depending on the day.