Feng Shui To Empower Your Home

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Feng Shui To Empower Your Home

by Dana Claudat

You can life in a space for years, decades even, and still not feel “moved in.” We live in a very rushing, horizontal world— everyone is so busy moving around their city, their neighborhood, the Internet- that the concept of sinking into the ground with strong roots, vertically, seems foreign to many. A feeling of home comes from making a very solid connection between you and your environment.

Given that I just moved into a new space, I am acutely aware of (and living through!)  the rituals and actions of empowering an environment.  Even if you have lived in your home for 10 years, you may stand to make a small energy tweak or three to create a fresh space.

Signs that you have not yet really moved in include: not wanting to have guests over, feeling overwhelmed by your space rather than able to sink into it, wanting to be out constantly, insomnia, mood swings at home, things frequently breaking or an overall feeling meh to blah about where you live.

Are you moved into your house? Here’s how to get there…starting today:

Feng Shui To “Move In” &  Empower Your Home

1. Create spacious rooms, even if they are small and even if it means you have to part with things you have been carting around.  It may be time to toss furniture, store artwork, or even revamp window coverings to create more spaciousness.  Even tiny apartments can have a lofty feeling if you commit to spaciousness.

2. Burn immense amounts of sage.  In my last place, the air always felt heavy with “other people’s energy” no matter how much I cleared it.  It turns out that Mae West used to have seances in the building and welcomed in lots of spirits. She also lived and died in the building and more than a few people see her in the hallways.  My biggest mistake home-wise was to stop burning sage.  It was as though ghosts flooded in!

Now, in the pragmatic sense, sage floods a space with negative ions which create a positive, fresh feeling in the air.

To safely burn sage, put a wand in an old metal baking dish, a high-walled metal pail or the like and never leave it unattended as it burns.  Also, you will think it is done burning, but it may still be burning within the wand, so bury it in sand for a long time before leaving it unattended, and check it thoroughly, to really be  sure that it is not smoldering.

I burned more than half of this wand of sage and lavender last night and the rest will burn tonight. The process is simple: walk through every room with open windows and stay in each room until it feels more clear.  Not a quick  job to do a very big home clearing, but very rewarding and peaceful!

3. Revamp your kitchen so that your favorite things- favorite mugs, favorite snacks, favorite pots and pans or a blender or anything else- are at arm’s length from you.  You will be surprised at how much power comes from having “your things” in close range in the kitchen.

4. If you have carpet (or a hand-vacuum), intensely blast the corners to clear them completely. If you have wood floors, a soft water-damp cloth sprinkled with a tiny bit of white vinegar will shine the energy of all of your corners.

5. Set a brand new intention for your life and work it into your home set-up. You can also grab the DIY feng shui e-guide HERE and design your intentrions into your home with some practical feng shui magic.

Move in and let yourself feel the alchemical power of the life & space connection!

Via Feng Shui Dana