Circle Of Life

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Circle Of Life

by Courtney Somer

This exercise helps determine which areas of your life are plentiful and which are more lacking, and a look at the overall balance.

To use it, place a dot along the lines of each section indicating where you are satisfaction-wise. If you feel fulfilled and happy, mark it closer to the outside and if you are lacking in that area, mark it towards the center. Then, connect the dots to see how your overall picture takes shape, the goal being a full cohesive circle.

When you’ve identified the areas that could use some improvement, choose the one that is the most important to you and think of action steps that you could take over the next month to enhance this area of your life. The key to making this happen is to choose steps that are tangible, measurable and to schedule time to do them. If they are not scheduled, they won’t happen!

For example, I recently revved up my exercise plan, which for some time was nonexistent and sporadic. I told myself I never had the time to get in a decent work out and the reason was I never made it a priority or scheduled it. Now, I hold myself accountable and pencil it in, just as I schedule every other important aspect of my life. When it’s in the calendar, it happens and having a set plan allows me to be more flexible when things arise because getting back on track is quite easy.

If you’re looking for improvement in a category such as joy, which may not be as transparent with action steps, start by making a list of the 10 things that make you happiest. These should not include things that are detrimental in other ways (yes, that includes  drinking a bottle of wine) which in turn affects your overall health. Think of what creates pure joy, what makes your heart sing – travel, being with friends, a day off, a spiritual practice, music. Pick your priorities and plan how to get them more into your life. If its music, see some upcoming concerts, create a new playlist to listen to, start taking lessons for an instrument.

This exercise can help you take stock of where you are at in your life and if you tend to focus on what’s wrong, it can also help remind you of what is working. It also shows how different aspect of your lives connect with eachother.

I try to do this every 3-4 months to see where things have shifted and get a snapshot of my life’s balance and what needs improving.