Bring Prosperity Into Your Life Through Feng Shui

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Image by Glynnis McDaris

Bring Prosperity Into Your Life Through Feng Shui

by Alessandra Bogner

 When you’ve made the decision that you deserve to have more prosperity in your life and you are ready to accept it, your first job is to scrutinize your environment.  Your living and work environments need to support your desire for prosperity.  Just as you wouldn’t go to a gala dressed in jeans and sneakers, you must behave as you are entering a new life filled with abundance…and your environment must mirror this life.

The first thing is to walk into your home as if it’s the first time and examine the entrance with new eyes. Think of prosperity as energy that is trying to enter your home. Clear the entry of any clutter and of anything that obstructs the door from opening easily and fully.  Oil the door hinges to stop any squeaking.  Give a fresh coat of paint to the front door and/or entryway, and then put down a new doormat that symbolizes your invitation for wealth to enter.

The next step is to find the Southeast section of your home and create an area of wealth.  Create a vision board of images that represent wealth and prosperity for you. How will you feel when you’ve achieved your financial goals?  What will you buy?  Where will you live? Find pictures and words that answer these questions and that inspire you. Buy fresh bamboo and put it in water to attract the fast-growing abundance you are expecting.

The final step is to examine your office/workspace and upgrade it to give you an energetic promotion.  How do you envision your workspace to look if you did get the position and pay increase you desire? Organize your desk and computer, getting rid of the files and papers from old projects that no longer serve you.  Remove the clutter of photos and personal memorabilia that don’t belong in a place of business. If possible, move your desk or chair to a new position that feels more powerful and allows new energy to flow.

You should go about these steps with pure intention and faith in achieving your goals.