Be Happy & Meditate: Yogic Theories for Pregnancy


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Be Happy & Meditate: Yogic Theories for Pregnancy

by Courtney Somer

Pregnancy can bring upon a variety of experiences from woman to woman or within one woman herself, depending on the day! During my recent yoga teacher training, I learned some great, simple meditations & the background of yogic philosophy to help ease your way through the ups and downs of pregnancy.

Each woman carries the blessing to be a mother and the vessel through which a soul enters the earth. The yogic belief is that the soul chooses the mother in which to reincarnate and to experience life with this “family,” and that it does not enter the body until the 120th day of pregnancy. During these first 4 months, the mother may experience a pull to change her lifestyle. She may also experience increased sensitivity, awareness or a roller coaster of emotions.

After the 120th day, the experiences of the mother from then until birth become the foundation of the subconscious mind for the child. In yogic tradition, there is a celebration on this 120th day, with loved ones, uplifting support and well wishes from family & friends to honor this incoming soul and the mother.

Yogis emphasize that 2 of the most important things you can do during pregnancy is to be happy and meditate (besides a healthy diet). Emotions can run amouk while pregnant. During my first, I remember calling my husband while he was in a business meeting sobbing that I was going to be a horrible mother or when I saw a story on the Today show of a boy that got a bionic hand (where there was no hand previously) and cried for an hour. These things will happen, but keeping an overall positive emotional state is key. Consider that the baby is positioned in the center of the mother’s body, where our life force radiates. The baby feeds off this positive energy and is sustained by it. It is also recommended that she be within the company of uplifting, inspiring women throughout pregnancy.

Meditation is an important component of pregnancy because it promotes a sense of well-being and harmony within the mother during this time. If she meditates before 120 days, it is possible that a more developed soul can be incarnated through her. After the 120th day, meditation affects the karmic state of the child. Why wouldn’t you meditate while pregnant! Keep it simple & aim to be consistent. You can begin with 3 minutes and build up from there.

Here are 2 simple meditations for pregnancy:

Walking Mediation To Help with Queasiness 

Walking and movement does wonders for nausea. It helps to balance the brain, hormones and nervous system.

– While you walk press the thumbs of both hands to the fingertips in the following order: thumb to index, thumb to middle finger, thumb to ring finger, thumb to pinkie. These are actual mudras that provide specific benefits: Thumb to index finger is for knowledge. Thumb to middle finger is for wisdom and patience. Thumb to ring finger is for vitality. Thumb to pinkie is is for the ability to communicate well.

– As you walk chant to yourself (or out loud if you are so inclined) the syllables “Sa-Ta-Na-Ma” one syllable to each finger, starting with the index finger. Aim to walk for 20-30 minutes. If you feel exhausted after, you are overdoing it. Be sure to do what feels comfortable for you.

The Smiling Buddha Meditation for Happiness

Remaining positive is so important during pregnancy, use this meditation to help remain happy and upbeat, especially on the days you feel like watching Lifetime movies with a box of tissues.

– Sit in easy pose (legs crossed, sitting on floor), keep spine straight, head level and sit on a cushion if more comfortable.

– Curl the ring and pinkie fingers and press them down with the thumb, while keeping the index and middle finger pointing straight up.

– Bring your arms up so the elbows are pushed back slightly and resting next to your torso, palms facing forward.

– Close your eyes and roll them towards the third eye point (center of brow). Chant mentally “Sa-Ta-Na-Ma.” “Sa” expresses the infinite, “Ta” expresses life, “Na” expresses diminishing, “Ma” expresses light and regeneration.

– To end, inhale & exhale deeply 3 times, then open your eyes. Start with 3 minutes, working up to 7 minutes. You will be smiling afterwards!

I also highly recommend the book Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful by Gurmukh to read before, during or after pregnancy.

“From the beginning of life to its end it is only a mother who can vibrate for her child and change his destiny.” – Yogi Bhajan