“Our main priority is to elevate
all, big and small.”

-Yogi Bhajan


Using the centuries old art of healing with aromatherapy, Lake & Skye is a line of 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil products, natural fragrance and floral waters. Hand blended in a high vibrational environment in both New York City and Los Angeles, our ingredients are carefully chosen based on their therapeutic properties, their synergy with other oils and selected from conscious, experienced sources. Our intention is to provide you with a direct experience of the miraculous healing abilities of Essential Oils & Floral Waters in easy to use applications. One that will support you on your inward and outward journey. Use these products as a gift you give to yourself throughout your days, to balance your mind, body and spirit. 

Lake & Skye was founded by Courtney Somer, a Kundalini and Pre-natal Yoga teacher, Aromatherapist, Holistic Nutritionist and Mama to 2 girls with middle names Lake & Skye. Based in NYC & Upstate, NY.